My name is Michael Jordan. I graduated with a BS from the University of Florida and a MS from Lindenwood University in Missouri. I grew up in Lake City for a good portion of my life. While here, I had the privilege of getting to know many people across these wonderful communities. My family and I have recently moved back to my home roots and are excited to re-establish ourselves in North Florida.

The drive to obtain my Real Estates license derived from some interesting experiences that I had as a first-time home buyer. I quickly realized that some of these experiences will be great and some not so much, unfortunately. The further inspiration to obtain knowledge of the real estate field came from a single, highly-knowledgable, Realtor. It was from him that I realized who you choose to work with matters.

I hope to be your choice, now or in the future, to guide you through a process that can be seen as a difficult and stressful transition. I would love to have the opportunity to translate my knowledge and experiences to anyone who is interested in any real estate transaction.